Fax and eFax Services

Even in this electronic era, faxing continues to be in demand. The unique features of faxing can be a useful tool for businesses that need to adhere to specific policies and regulations. But, gone are the days of the standalone fax machine in the corner that just prints paper. Businesses today can choose among a wide array of features and functions, including email-based faxing services.


Desktop Multifunction and All-in-One Printers

With multifunction and All-in-One printers, offices can integrate the fax function right into their main printing equipment. The advantages include lower operational costs, less physical space requirements and integration into your network for email fax forwarding and archiving.

Current Models

Konica Minolta bizhub 20
Konica Minolta bizhub 25
Konica Minolta bizhub C25
Konica Minolta bizhub C35
Muratec MFX-1950
Muratec MFX-2550
Muratec MFX-2570
Muratec MFX-2590
Muratec MFX-3550

 Standalone Fax Machines

Advances in technology make standalone fax machines a good choice, particularly for smaller offices. Some standalones can even be connected to your local computer and used for USB printing or TWAIN scanning into your software applications, while others can be connected to your network as printers or as color scanners.

Current Models

Muratec F-116/F-116P
Muratec F-315
Muratec F-525/F-525D
Muratec F-565

Email-Based Faxing

EasyLink integrates with your existing email account for a seamless solution for both office-based and mobile staff. You can send and receive faxes from your regular email program just as easily as you send an email message. Eliminate standalone fax machines, fax servers, and high monthly line charges, and significantly cut the number of printed pages.

You’ll be assigned a fax number (with your choice of area code, including toll free) that you can share with your correspondents; they won’t see any difference from a landline fax number. Or, you can port your already-in-use fax number to the EasyLink service from your current telephone provider without any disruption in service. 


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