OneSource Programs

We offer three separate programs to suit your office's specific needs:

OneSource Silver

We provide you a quotation on laser printer cartridges. If you choose to buy from us, our program provides free repair, parts and labor should any of your printers need service. No contracts to sign, no analysis of usage, just immediate savings on current toner costs and future repair costs.

OneSource Gold

We analyze your fleet of printers and, based on your volume and types of printers, offer you a cost-per-copy program that provides free repair, parts, supplies (cartridges) and labor should any of your printers need service. Program can be from one year to five years in duration.

OneSource Platinum

Same program as Gold except we purchase your fleet of printers from you so that keeping your fleet current with technology and performance is our responsibility, not yours.


Whichever program you choose, your savings start day one. You have no capital expenditure, and you have the assurance of Martin Group's dependable service and support.

For more information, please contact us at (800) 222-6265 or email us.