Service and Maintenance

A well-performing engine is crucial to your print-4-pay business. As your partner, we understand that every minute your machine is down costs you money.

We work hard to provide exceptional service and support that you can count on. We’ve tailored our staff training and our service response to meet the unique requirements of the production print environment:


Quick Response Time

  • If you don’t talk to a service team member when you call us to report your problem, a service coordinator will return your call in less than 30 minutes – always.

Fast Emergency Service Response

  • All emergency calls are handled within four hours guaranteed.

Industry-Leading Experience

  • Martin Group service technicians have an average of 18.6 years of proven experience.

Manufacturer Trained and Certified

  • Our technicians must complete a rigorous training program sponsored by our manufacturers. And training does not end once a technician has been certified on a particular machine—ongoing training is the Martin Group standard.

Fix It Right the First Time

  • Our team first call effectiveness has held steady at a monthly team average around 60 percent for the last two years, consistently higher than the industry average of 36 percent (source:  BEI). 


Learn more about our Performance Promises.


Minimize Downtime with FleetView

FleetView is a small, secure software application that is installed on a networked computer to collect printer and copier metrics. It continuously monitors your networked printers and copiers for upcoming maintenance checks, meter reads, toner checks, and potential service issues. When FleetView detects an error message on your machine, an email is automatically sent to the Martin Service Department. Our service coordinator can often have a plan to fix your machine ready before you even know there’s a problem. It also monitors the toner levels and, when your machine gets low, alerts us to ship replacement toner before you run out.

For more information, please contact us at (800) 222-6265 or email us.