An investment in security.

All companies generate paper in the course of doing business. But, it’s really not paper, it’s what’s on that paper: vital information about your employees, your business strategy, your accounting and financial data, client lists, and other mission critical documents.

Most companies spend hours creating, maintaining and archiving their documents, but don’t give a second thought to safely disposing of documents once they are no longer needed. If you dispose of your business records without shredding them, you could be placing your business at risk. Don’t leave your business’ private records vulnerable to theft by outsiders.

To complement your document creation with secure document destruction, Martin Group carries a full line of shredders by Martin Yale/Intimus. A wide range of features gives you choices on cutting capacity; strip vs. cross cut; shred size; even handling multimedia and credit cards.

Your account representative can help you determine what kind of shredder you need for your business’ requirements - whether it’s a small model for a single user or a larger system for an entire department.

Please read our guide on how to choose a shredder.

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