Managed Print Services

OneSource Managed Print Services

If you are like most organizations, you have a fleet of copiers, laser printers, fax machines, and inkjet printers all pumping out pages at an unknown cost. If you don’t know the true cost of your printing environment, let us help you determine your current printing expenses and discover as much as 30 percent hidden profit.

OneSource will determine your current monthly spending, and then we will discover how to save you at least 10 percent and in many cases as much as 20-40 percent savings! OneSource is our commitment to developing a partnership that will grow and evolve with your business.

Your customized OneSource “cost per image” total print management solution features these advantages:

  • A flat cost per page billed monthly
  • No capital expenditure required. If you have recently bought printers, we’ll even buy them back at your book value, with additional cash flow savings from day one
  • Any repair costs including labor, parts, and travel
  • Installation of Fleetview software for complete device monitoring for regular preventative maintenance checks, meter reads, and toner checks
  • IT support
  • Monthly usage analysis reports help you monitor, measure, and manage your equipment fleet and print production costs

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