Performance Promises

When you start looking for a new copier, you’re going to hear a lot of promises from vendors that claim they are “the best.” But, what exactly are they promising to do for you?

At Martin Group, we believe in telling you exactly what we mean—and living by our promises. You can count on us to do—or not do—exactly what we promise.


We Will:

  • We will repair your machine within four hours for emergency service.
  • We will stock all “high mortality” parts with your technician so your machine can be repaired on the first call.
  • We will complete your “hold for parts” call within a day of receiving the parts needed.
  • We will ensure your deadlines are reached by fixing your machine correctly the first time.
  • We will provide ongoing training for our service team so we can continue to achieve highest-in-the-nation training scores with our manufacturer partners.
  • We will award bonuses to our technicians based on their ability to perform accurate, quality repairs, not on the quantity of their calls.
  • We will install all computer-related drivers and software and train on the same day of delivery, or schedule according to your preferences.
  • We will install FleetView remote diagnostics software with your networked copier for automated meter reads, enhanced service data and alerts, and automated toner ordering.
  • We will provide regular analysis and service reports to your sales rep so your account may be handled accurately in every aspect.
  • We will bring you a loaner machine if your current machine cannot be repaired within 24 hours, or run your jobs in our headquarters.
  • We will dispatch your service locally (from Walworth, Rock and Winnebago counties) instead of from a national clearing call center.
  • We will give your machine the highest care on every Preventative Maintenance (PM) call and thoroughly clean it for highest efficiency.


We Won’t:

  • We will not sell you a machine that we are not service trained for.
  • We will not raise your cost per copy (cpc) charge more than 10 percent annually.
  • We will not raise your lease or rental payment on the equipment—ever.
  • We will not add a service base charge or hidden fees after the fact.
  • We will not exclude normal consumable items, such as waste collection bottles, from your maintenance agreement.
  • We will not exclude service rebuilds from your maintenance agreement.
  • We will not skip doing your machine’s Preventative Maintenance (PM) checks.
  • We will not give you a low price in the beginning of your service agreement only to dramatically raise your costs annually over the life of your lease.
  • We will not charge you a cost per copy (cpc) for scanning.


For more information, please contact us at (800) 222-6265 or email us.