Application Solutions

As your business partner, we offer a comprehensive selection of productivity enhancing application software solutions designed to solve critical business problems while maximizing productivity from your office equipment.

Our application solutions put you in complete control of your business’ information flow. Improve the way you work with your documents and files, streamline your archival and retrieval processes, manage your workflows and devices effortlessly, even easily create personalized transactional and promotional pieces in-house affordably.

Our application solutions were developed by exceptional programming companies based around the world and offered through our partnership with Konica Minolta. They are tested and guaranteed to work seamlessly with your multifunction systems.


Document Management

Electronic files are critical business assets. We offer powerful, simple document management applications to help you scan, store, distribute and archive information quickly and more cost effectively.

Unity Document Suite by Nuance

With the integrated power of PaperPort and OmniPage, Unity Document Suite is a complete desktop solution for scanning, image clean-up, document management and OCR capabilities. Work with your documents more efficiently with unity's valuable productivity tools for PDF creation, PDF conversion, PDF document assembly, optical character recognition (OCR), annotation, and image editing. 



eCopy by Nuance

eCopy software rapidly integrates paper-based documents into your existing business processes. You can count easily access, modify, distribute and share information faster and better than by using costly overnight couriers or sending faxes that can't match the quality of your original. Make electronic document distribution immediately accessible to virtually every office worker; scan paper documents into electronic format for integration into the most business applications; and simplify the process of entering paper-based data into enterprise content management systems.


DocRecord by Prism

Mange your documents easily with this robust archival system, featuring integrated scanning, archiving and advanced searching functions. DocRecord can help you manage information more quickly and cost-effective from anywhere on your network. Automate your workflow with integrated rules and messaging. The result is a smooth, intuitive workflow that enhances the power of your information. 



Variable Data Printing

Harness the combined power of graphics with databases with Variable Data Printing software. Create unique customized postcards, letters, flyers, and business forms easily with desktop and printer-centric applications.

PrintShop Mail by Objectif Lune

Get better results with your target marketing campaigns -customize them with this desktop variable data printing application. With PrintShop Mail you can create one piece – and then easily customize it quickly for individual recipients. The application’s user-friendly tools allow you to add variable text and images so every print is unique. Efficient technology keeps your computer from being tied up while the final job is sent to your printer.


PlanetPress by Objectif Lune

Say good-bye to expensive pre-printed forms with PlanetPress, an electronic forms solution. PlanetPress’ modules enable easy creation and printing of transactional and transpromo documents. Data can be taken in from most hosts, including ODBC compliant databases. Your electronic form template can be easily revised when updates are needed. PlanetPress also gives you flexibility in how the final piece is distributed, including high-volume printing, faxing, emailing, and archiving options.


DocForm by Prism

PRISM DocForm helps you create flexible, full-color print documents and eDocuments of all types to suit a wide range of communications needs. You can dynamically merge data sources from multiple locations: databases, flat files, print streams, data streams, ERP and CRM programs, the web and third-party applications. DocForm accepts XML input, outputs XML and accepts mobile/remote data input from both Tablet PCs and signature pads. By storing static data on your printer and merging variable data, it optimizes print speed and minimizes network traffic.



Device Administration

Konica Minolta device administration software to network utilities supports all aspects of bizhub functionality. These aspects include device status, monitoring and setup, configuring multiple devices from a single point, bringing bizhub devices into enterprise systems and managing addresses and security dates more efficiently.

PageScope Enterprise Suite by Konica Minolta

PageScope is the integrated suite of Konica Minolta software applications that help you manage your bizhub documents and devices more effectively. PageScope software makes it easier to scan and store files, search and retrieve documents, create and update one-touch dialing lists, manage print jobs, maintain user authentication accounts, and print with desktop drag-and-drop simplicity. PageScope applications let end-users and administrators set up bizhub devices, check status, change settings, and integrate new devices into existing enterprise networks.

PageScope Mobile by Konica Minolta

The growth and popularity of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices and the need to access and manage your documents when you need them make the PageScope Mobile App a highly valuable tool. The PageScope Mobile App connects bizhub MFPs with an end-user’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and enables them to print documents and images as well as scan documents to their mobile device. With a wireless connection and the free App download, you’ll be printing and scanning documents in no time.


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